Living Healthy Made Simple

An individualized, simple system for achieving and maintaining healthy living, naturally.

Dr. Kevin J. Yates

Care and results are what fuels my passion to serve.

Throughout my career, my focus on continuing education has revolved around the philosophy of providing science-based information and a system of naturally resolving health issues that allow health to be restored while creating an active vibrant lifestyle.

We embrace the uniqueness of each person while utilizing standard lab testing to develop a unique and individualized system focused on the foundation of health that restores, rebuilds, and maintain a healthy life, naturally.

With some clients, our initial focus should be on prevention, education, and proactively maintaining optimum health. For those with health challenges, our goal is the restoration and the rebuilding of health while educating on maintaining optimum health and vitality.

Both are achieved, in my experience as a Chiropractor, by empowering the person to take specific and targeted action to gain control of their health, active care is much more powerful than reactive passive care.



Dr. Yates offers a unique nutritional program completely online. From the convenience of your home, Dr. Yates will lead you through a program based on your blood work& using a blood test that uncovers the exact nutrients your body needs to operate at its fullest. Schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call Now.


Gut Health


Try a natural solution to your chronic health issues. Your health is your most precious asset, and we work hard to help our Orlando patients regain and maintain their health through functional medicine.


Energy-Vitality Naturally


Everything is difficult when you have no energy. There are science based natural solutions that start wtih an expanded blood test, targeted nutrients, vitamins and lifestyle changes that get to the root cause, based on your individualized body chemistry.